100% wood grain watches for men and women

Wristwatches are an essential item for individuals of all generations. There are watches of numerous styles, materials and designs. Wooden watches might consist of a walnut case as well as sophisticated braided real leather strap or an elastic cotton strap, providing a more sporty appearance.

Wooden watches are exceptional and offer an immediate fashion statement. If you want to buy a brand new watch, you should think of buying a wooden one. Many advantages are connected with buying wooden watches.

Advantages of Wooden Watches


When you buy a wooden watch, one of the hugest advantages you will get is having a stylish watch. Not a lot of individuals possess wooden watches. This means that you shall have an exceptional appearance that can be either professional or casual; the grain you select determines this. And at The Garwood – Original wood grain watches designed in LA, you can such accessories.

Water Resistant

Many wooden watches that are present on the market will provide materials that are water resistant depending on the type of wood watch you buy. For instance, bamboo is naturally water resistant.

They are light in weight

Another advantage you shall obtain from buying a wooden watch is that you shall manage to have a watch that is very light in weight. You can wear it without being concerned about it weighing down your arm. Many individuals will greatly adore having a wooden watch that is light in weight to wear.


Another advantage that comes from purchasing this type of watch is that one can get an affordable watch. Many premium or steel material watches will be a lot more costly as the watch uses much more financial resources to create. These types of watches will be a lot more affordable.

Varied Colors

Different from steel, it is possible to buy wooden watches in literally any color you can imagine. As you can either buy painted watches or watches that have varied grain types, you shall manage to get a color that matches what you search for.

Eco-Friendly Items

Wood is a product that is sustainable; therefore, the wooden watches reduce carbon footprints. Already, the world faces challenges of metals and plastics piling up in the oceans and landfills, leading to the death of animals and destruction of the Earth. Wooden watches need less energy to be created and are friendly to the environment.

Plastic and metal ones are created in abundance and this signifies increased energy consumption. We should also remember that metals and plastics do not easily decompose. Therefore, it is good to always purchase products that are eco-friendly, for day-to-day use.

Matches with all outfits

You need to be choosy when matching your outfit with plastic and metal watches. It is impractical for you to wear a plastic watch when attending a business conference! However, wooden watches are fashionable and match well with all types of attire, whether casual or formal.


Another advantage you shall get is being able to have a totally exceptional watch. As you shall be in possession of a wooden watch, each one that is created shall present its own exceptional qualities.

Generally, many varied benefits are available when you buy and wear a wooden watch. It is not just extremely stylish, but you can get one that meets the requirements you are searching for in a brand new watch.