Here are the Top 5 Causes of Sewer Problems

There are many reasons why your sewer might be damaged. Sewage problems can be very costly and difficult to fix. They can also be extremely costly and just plain unpleasant to deal with. Understanding how to prevent sewage problems and what could cause damage to your sewage system can help you avoid future headaches and turmoil. These are the main causes of sewer damage, and what you should know.

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Tree Roots

Tree roots that are annoying could cause sewer problems in your home. Tree roots can be attracted to the fertilizer in your sewage water, which could cause problems as they grow into your sewer system. You don’t need to have trees in your yard. You might have a neighbor’s tree roots that cause havoc in your sewage system.

Any physical obstructions

Clogs can cause major problems in your sewage system internally. Strange things such as paper towels, cooking oil, and menstrual products can cause damage to your sewer system, which could lead to a lot of expense in the long-term. It is important to be careful what you put in the toilet.

Potential Rodents

Rodents are another problem that can cause havoc to your sewage system. Rodents can cause sewer system problems by causing joints to become loose and make it unusable.

Regular Wear and Tear

Over time, sewer systems can experience significant wear and tear. Your sewer system will show signs of wear after years of frequent usage. This can lead to significant damage. It is important to maintain your sewage system in a good condition and make sure it runs smoothly year after year. You won’t be surprised if your sewage system needs to be replaced after years of heavy wear. Proper maintenance is crucial to the longevity of your sewer.

Pipes that are damaged

A damaged pipe might prevent it from draining properly. Sewer waste can buildup and back up if it doesn’t drain. A lot of things can cause damage to pipes, but improper installation could also lead to problems.

There are risks for older homes that have been maintained by the homeowner. There is a possibility that pipes weren’t installed correctly if they were not installed by professionals. The installation could have been hampered if the project was completed too quickly.

Pipes can be damaged if you live near earthquakes and other ground disturbances. The forces of nature are beyond our control, so pipes can be damaged.

Clogs Cause Sewer Backup

Many things are flushed down the toilet. Sewer lines should not be considered garbage disposals and should not be treated as a second trash container. It is not a good idea to flush any dead animals, plastics, or other solid waste down the toilet.

Biodegradable toilet paper and human waste won’t cause any clogs. These materials are easily flushable because they can be broken down by water. Clogs are often caused by materials that don’t dissolve in water.