How to Use the Buddhist Mala Beads for Meditation?

Buddha beads are the antique tool for meditation. The mala beads also used as a fashion. People use these mala beads as Tibetan bead bracelet or necklace. The mala beads made by precious bone, wood, seed and stones. The string of the 108 beads is the basic type of mala bead. In this bead you have to say mantra on every bead. In a round you can complete 100 mantra while 8 beads are spare. Because these 8 beads are made are for any mistake which you can make during recitation.

Choose the Best Mala:

It is really difficult to choose the best mala from so many designs, stones or colours. But by using your birthstone and birthday calculator you can select the best monk prayer beads. You can also select them through the various kind of mantra meditation practices. If you want to choose mala for the peaceful practices of mantra then you should select the lapis or crystal. For the wrathful mantra practice, Rudraksha and bone are usually used. And if you are going to do exhaustion then sandalwood, Bodhi and rosewood are good for you.


Various Fingers Used in Mala Mediation:

On each finger, there are many points which are connected to different part of the brain. If you want to activate the meridian point then there are some properties of the meridian points of every finger which are given below.

  • Index Finger: This is a Jupiter finger in astronomy. Its points are the symptoms of prosperity, knowledge and wisdom.
  • Middle Finger: It is known as Saturn finger which is the indication of patience.
  • Ring Finger: This is called Sun finger. This finger is the identification of health and strengthens the nervous system.
  • Pinky Finger: This is mercury finger. It indicates communication and intelligence.

Use of Mala Beads for Meditation:

There are a few steps which are useful for a beginner to learn how to use Buddhist meditation beads.

  • Firstly select a place where you can sit comfortably. You have to sit straight and close your eyes. Now take a couple of deep breaths to focus and concentrate on your goal.
  • In your right hand hold your mala and hung it between your centre and forefinger. You can use your thumb to recount your mantra. For reciting the mantra you can pull the beads towards you and you can also drop down the beads from the string.
  • Again you want to continue your meditation then you can reverse the direction of your mala and again start the recitation.

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