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Kawaii Food: Guide

Kawaii Food Guide: Where to find the cutest food, drinks, and desserts in Tokyo

My sister and me saw kawaii food and drinks all over Tokyo, from Totoro cream puffs and 3-D animal lattes to kawaii desserts. Nearly every dessert we tried had faces, ha.

I decided to create a guide to where you can find the best kawaii food in Tokyo. These foods, desserts and drinks are just too cute not to share.

  1. Totoro cream puffs Cream Puff Factory

Being a huge Miyazaki lover, I was thrilled to finally try the Totoro cream puffs that I had seen everywhere on Instagram. Totoro is a character in My Neighbor Totoro. He’s Hayao Miyazaki’s most popular film (he’s basically the Disney to Japan). The cream puffs are available in four flavors at the cafe: banana, strawberry, custard and custard. The cream puffs were delicious and adorable, which was a pleasant surprise. The strawberry-flavored cream puff was my favorite — it was delicious!

  1. Magikarp taiyaki kawaii Food

Taiyaki, a traditional street kawaii food snack from Japan rays food place, are fish-shaped cakes filled with red beans. Kurikoan offers a new twist to the original. The taiyaki here is shaped like the Magikarp, a useless fish Pokemon. Stopping here is a great place to stop if you loved Pokemon as a child (shoutout my fellow 90s children!)

  1. Ice cream cones for animals at The Zoo

The Zoo is an underground ice cream shop that specializes exclusively in animal-shaped icecream. You can choose from a variety of animals, including elephants, tigers and chickens. The three little pigs ice-cream cone comes with three scoops of varying flavors.

  1. Reissue: 3-D animal lattes

3-D animal lattes are the best thing about Reissue in Tokyo. You are presented with a book of animal lattes when you arrive at Reissue. This includes a Shiba Inu and a variety of seals, elephants, bears, and many more. My sister cried with joy when she first saw her seal latte. Even though they are expensive ($10 to $15), it is worth it for all the joy you will feel after you have your latte.

  1. Hello Kitty donuts at Hello Kitty Japan

Hello Kitty Japan has Hello Kitty donuts that you must try if you are a fan. You can choose from a range of flavors and they come with Hello Kitty’s trademark accessory, a pink bow. Hello Kitty Japan also offers tons of Sanrio merchandise.

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