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Oasis Hotel & Resort the Most Unique Real Estate Investment on The Market

Beach Front: Location Atlantic City New Jersey
Oasis Hotel & Resort the Most Unique Real Estate Investment on The Market
Hotel Will Officially Open In March 2019 / Hotel-Condos Structure Is Already In Place Not A New Build
In House Financing / No Bank Needed / We Make the Decision Flexible Terms
When you’re not using your Condo, it is put into hotel inventory, so you make a profit when you’re not there.
Beach Front Hotel / Condos / Parking Garage
(Condos) Profit Split with Hotel / Small & large investors
Conference Rooms / Private Club
10 Restaurants / 2 Beach Front Bars / 2 Retail Stores / Beauty Salon.
11 Acres private beach only property on the entire boardwalk that has a private beach.
Indoor Pool / Lounge / Roof Top Deck
Parking Garage
We can Be Reached by Email [email protected]
Or call us at: 516 226 8308

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