Traditional marketing and advertising methods that still work

There are plenty of traditional marketing and advertising tools that are still effective in today’s marketing industry. Businesses still rely on television and radio commercials to make their products or services known. But others seem to be just as effective, and given the fact that those are also more affordable, can turn them into celebrities of the modern-day advertising efforts, although they have roots in an older era. Below is a short list of marketing strategies that work wonderfully today, just as they did a while ago.

Business cards

Business cards may be forgotten for many, but the experts at Kiasu Print claim that even companies in the reach industry still go for these as a reliable and highly functional marketing tool. Used by business owners to introduce themselves to other business owners or even potential clients in a sophisticated, old-school manner, these small pieces of thin cardboard show great effects when it comes to spreading the word about a company’s products or services. Designed in an innovative manner, these will certainly leave a great impression to anybody that will encounter those. Plus, people that receive quirky business cards will be eager to share with others your amazing idea, which will increase brand awareness quite successfully. If you were previously overlooking the potential that these have, think again and order some for your enterprise.

Pull-up banners or stands

Generally used in exhibitions, these marketing tools can be successfully placed in commercial centers with high traffic. Whether you place a stand with a representative of your company, whether you leave it as it is, you still have the opportunity to increase brand awareness in an uncomplicated, highly-effective manner. A big display like the ones at with your company’s name, logo, or even slogan will certainly draw attention and will remain somehow rooted in the passersby’s minds. Simple and effective!

Word of mouth

This seems quite simple, and it is, in fact. The only thing that you have to deal with is creating a product or service that is worth mentioning. People generally love to talk about what novelties they have tried lately, and if your product is good enough, it will be brought to discussion naturally. Also, the strategy may be a more complex one, some brands paying various people, regular Joes or celebrities to talk about their brand and products. This seems to work amazingly, in fact. Today’s trend in terms of “word of mouth” marketing has been transferred online, via micro and macro influencers on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Micro influencers seem to gain more popularity, as they create a more credible and reliable image of a given product or service.

These are three incredible traditional marketing strategies that you still can use in today’s business environment. Most likely, these will never get out of fashion, at least not in the near future. Get your hands on some banners and business cards and make out of your brand a celebrity.