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Versace Robe: Are Now a Wardrobe Basis

It turns out that you do. Versace robes have been a wardrobe staple for many years. Versace’s robes, with their baroque Versace trim and the terrycloth print reading “VERSACE VERSACE VERSACE”, like a terrycloth rendition of the Migos song, have been part of hip hop lore for years. They are as integral to Diddy’s image, as his all-white wardrobe. They have always been a symbol of a sweet life that is always possible. It is unlikely that you will ever be seen on this yacht smoking this cigar, recording this smash hit, or performing in your shirtless underwear to a sold out crowd telling time by the pool, like Floyd Mayweather. The Versace Robe is a celebrity crowning a long and successful career.

Suggested that the Versace Robe

The robe is now ubiquitous. ForwardPMX’s annual report about online luxury brands shows that robes were the top keyword in apparel search this year katahdin valley health center. They came in just below “wrap” but above, if possible, “tuxedo.” This means that more people are looking for robes than for tuxedos. This is luxury! The report notes that it’s not just any robe that is driving people crazy: It’s the Versace Robe. Lyst released a report earlier this year that listed Versace’s bathrobe as the most popular men’s product. In fact, searches for the Versace robe increased by 240% in the fourth quarter 2018. Lyst suggested that the boom may have been influenced by Kanye West and Kevin Hart who all wore the striking, easily recognizable robe on Instagram.

Neiman Marcus is a long-standing purveyor and distributor of the Versace Robe. They carry the robes in multiple styles, colorways, as coordinating slippers as well as the matching bedspread. Russ Patrick, senior vice president and general merchandise manager, said that while high-fashion designer clothes are on the rise, they are becoming more popular among men. He also noted that many customers are inspired by celebrities and are now buying Versace robes to wear at bearus home as well as at the beach and on boats to show their style and comfort.

Post-brow lift selfies are being posted by men (cosmetic surgery versace robe); they are taking photos of themselves on Toronto hotel balconies while quoting the Drake song. Cryptocurrency brokers are reminding us that the Versace Robe is no longer the symbol of the trappings that come with fame. It’s just “comfort” and “style,” Patrick stated. What’s better than this definition of fame in today’s age of celebrity topsy-turvy?

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