5 Amazing Train Vacations Ideal for First Riders

5 Amazing Train Vacations Ideal for First Riders

Train travel has seen a recent boom in popularity in North America. This is good news for both first-timers and travelers who are looking to experience the thrill of riding the rails. Amtrak offers a wide range of train travel options from coast-to-coast, with more than 500 destinations in 46 states. It also operates over 30 train routes in the country. Five train vacations are selected that will give new riders a taste for what makes Amtrak so unique. They include breathtaking scenery along the route, great food, comfortable accommodations, and the chance to see some of the most amazing destinations the train can take. You can also hop onboard Amtrak at any Amtrak station in the US and discover why so many people love it.

Rails to Grand Canyon

You are about to embark on a Train Vacations breathtaking rail journey that will take you from the “City of Angels,” to the Grand Canyon. Rails to the Grand Canyon begins in Los Angeles. From there, you’ll board Amtrak’s historic Southwest Chief train at Union Station. This will take you on a peaceful overnight journey to Williams, Arizona. You will be able to view stunning canyon passages only a few inches wider than the train, making it an ideal route for those who want to experience breathtaking scenery and unspoiled vistas from the highway or interstate. Enjoy a comfortable seat in an observation car, and take your camera with you to capture amazing views out of your window. The journey will see you spend the night on the train from Arizona to the destination. You might want to upgrade to a private room for privacy and comfort. The sleeping car attendant will help you to get to sleep at night. You’ll enjoy a great breakfast at Grand Depot Cafe when you arrive in Williams. After that, board the Grand Canyon Railway to take you to the South Rim. The sightseeing tour of today’s rim is included in the trip. This ensures that you will see incredible views while you travel where no automobiles can. Two nights in a park hotel will give you the opportunity to wake up with some of the most stunning natural views on the planet. From the fourth day onwards, the train ride back to the fifth is your chance to see some sights that you missed. You can also relax and enjoy the train experience like a pro after you have done it once. This rail vacation is available.

Train Vacations Roundtrip from Chicago to Glacier National Park Getaway

You can board the train and take a relaxing ride to Glacier National Park, Montana. Amtrak takes you on an unforgettable journey to Glacier National Park. Along the route, there are stunning views of the Northern US. Enjoy the beautiful views of North Dakota’s plains from Chicago and then head into Montana to find Big Sky country. One night will be spent on the train, the other on the return journey. If you’re looking for a quiet and peaceful ride through stunning scenery, a private room in the sleeping car might be your best choice. The park is worth a visit, it’s truly one of our most breathtaking places. The incredible views, ancient glaciers, majestic mountains, and shimmering lakes will captivate you from the moment you arrive. A famous red bus will transport you to the park. It will also take you to the famous Going-to-the-Sun Road. Then, enjoy a thrilling boat cruise to Two Medicine Valley Lake. You will also have plenty of free time to explore the park by yourself. This rail vacation promises incredible scenery and plenty of relaxation. Find out more about this rail vacation.

Niagara Falls Ultimate Getaway Roundtrip: New York

Niagara Falls has been synonymous with romance. Relaxation, adventure and romance are all part of the Niagara Falls experience. Enjoy a scenic and relaxing train ride to discover why over 12 million people visit this natural wonder each year. The Skylon Tower is a landmark in Niagara’s skyline. You can also take a boat cruise to enjoy the misty waters coming off the Falls. You can stroll along Rainbow Bridge, take a walk in Niagara Falls State Park and enjoy a picnic. Or, you can hop aboard the Whirlpool aero car. That’s not all. For a Niagara Falls experience, you can spend a morning on a prestigious golf course, visit the botanical gardens, enjoy wine tastings, or have a candlelit dinner at a famous restaurant. An awe-inspiring fireworks show can be seen over the Falls during the summer months. You won’t find a more stunning destination anywhere on Earth than this all-year-round, beautiful one. And getting there by train is just the cherry on top! This rail vacation is available.

Grand Tetons and Yellowstone Rail Travel

Enjoy two of America’s greatest national parks in one unforgettable rail vacation. Travel by rail through the Heartland of America, before you reach Salt Lake City. Continue to Jackson Hole to explore Grand Teton National Park with its amazing wildlife. Continue northward to Yellowstone National Park where you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery that has made this place a top-notch tourist destination for decades. This train ride is just one night, so it’s a good introduction to the train experience. Find out more about this rail vacation.

Canadian Rockies Adventure

Canada’s stunning scenery can only be experienced by train. This rail journey takes you through the Canadian Rockies. You will be surrounded in some of the most beautiful views on Earth! You can easily access this unforgettable journey from anywhere in the US via Amtrak. The VIA Rail will take you to Jasper, the Canadian Rockies’ heart, via Vancouver. Jasper is a popular area in Canada. You will be welcomed by the small-town community like a friend. Jasper National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage area and the only dark sky preserve in Canada with a village as its centre. Jasper National Park is a hidden gem in Canada. It’s not hard to see why, with its stunning views and unspoiled wilderness and close encounters with wildlife. Three nights will be spent in this mountain paradise, before returning to Vancouver on the same amazing journey. This rail vacation is available.

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