How to become a travel agent from home

How to become a travel agent from home

You have probably always wondered how to be a travel agent. While travelers are increasingly reliant on the internet to search for and book travel agent from home, many people want a personal touch that saves time and money.

  • It takes on average five hours to book a vacation, not including research.
  • Travel agents can save clients on average $452
  • The Baby Boomers love to travel and more than 10,000 Americans retire each day in the U.S.
  • Between 2019 and 2025, 67 new cruise vessels will be built.

To become a home-based agent in today’s economy you will need to either start your own business or join a franchise. Each of these options has its pros and cons.

You will have to develop your own website, market and advertising, manage travel bookings, and insure your business. You’ll also need to generate leads and manage all aspects of your business.

Franchising is another way to become a successful travel agent at home. While a franchise fee and other upfront costs are required for the initial investment, you will also get brand recognition and lead generation programs. You’ll also have proven systems to process payments and travel bookings. Your home-based business can be float or sink depending on who you are tied to. To learn more about how your commissions are paid, what support you get from corporate offices, and what perks you can offer your customers by being part of a larger travel franchise, it is important to speak to agents of other franchises that you are interested in joining.

There are many ways to try before you commit to a home-based career in travel. Christy Scannell was a writer and editor for over 20 years before she joined Dreams Vacations as a full time agent. She said that it is important to have another source of income when starting a business to make it a success as a travel agent. Eight years after starting her career, Scannell has travelled the globe and planned incredible vacations for hundreds.

She said, “Thankfully, I have grown the business to a six-figure salary but it has taken a lot of effort.” “Not everyone wants to work as hard, so their income will be significantly lower. If they’re able to achieve their financial and lifestyle goals, this is the right franchise.

How do you become a dream vacations agent?

Here are some quick facts about being a home-based agent. Also, learn how Dream Vacations can help guide you into a rewarding career.

Are there any home-based travel agents still available in 2019/2020

Travelers are eager to travel because of a strong economy. Non-cruise sales are up more than 30% year over year, and 38% have used a travel agency in the last 12 months. It is expected that there will be 30 million passengers who have taken a cruise in 2019, with 70% of them booking through an agent. You can help clients book the perfect vacation by being a home-based agent thanks to the extensive network of vendors and special discounts that Dream Vacations offers.

What is different about Dream Vacations? How does the company support you in your success?

Under the World Travel Holdings umbrella, Dream Vacations is the largest international cruise agency. The franchise now has 1,400 owners, who assist travelers in booking cruises, hotels, all-inclusive vacations, or air travel. They are based at home and don’t have to operate in specific territories. This allows them to sell travel anywhere in the world.

Dream Vacations offers its agents a six-day training program that introduces them both to vendors and My Cruise Control, its proprietary booking system. You will be kept informed about the company’s booking process and what other travel vendors have to say through follow-up training modules.

Dream Vacations is a great resource for finding leads. You will be well-known and get lots of visitors to your website due to the $4 million that it invests each year in brand awareness and exclusive promotions. Franchisees also have access to hot leads who are looking for travel deals through other tools, such as email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns and mobile websites.

Customers also get additional pricing benefits from its partnership with Travel Leaders Network. Agents who complete the training are eligible to receive American Express travel benefits. Customers can also redeem American Express points for travel.

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