Florida Keys Travel Guide: All You Need To Know

The Florida Keys Travel Guide covers all you need to know about planning a trip to these Keys, including where to stay and what to do.

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Can you believe that I have lived in the United States all my life, and had never visited Florida except for a brief layover. I have always believed that I must leave the United States to enjoy the warm beaches and warm waters I long for. Florida was never something that crossed my mind until the Florida Keys Tourism Development Council invited me to join them on an eco-adventure trip.

Oddly, I was there during the coldest weather The Florida Keys had seen in a while. However, I was able to enjoy a few days of sunshine so I have an idea of what the rest of The Keys looks like.

I was not only excited to visit the beaches and swim in the warm ocean water in January. But The Florida Keys also has some of the most exciting water sports, including jetpacking over the water. This was something I saw on my trip to Aruba and I couldn’t wait for it to be tried.

My trip to the southernmost United States consisted mainly in Marathon and Islamorada, which both have lots to offer for a whole vacation. Although I would love to have seen all of The Keys I was surprised by how many things you can do on these two islands. It is a great idea to set up camp at either of these places and explore from there if you plan a trip.

The map below will give you an idea of the location of Marathon and Islamorada. (The map does not include the Lower Keys.

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Marathon, Florida Keys: The Best Things To Do

Marathon is located in the Middle Keys. It measures approximately ten miles long. It consists of Knight’s Key (Boot Key), Key Vaca and Fat Deer Key.

Snorkel Tour to Sombrero Reef

Hall’s Diving Center offered a boat trip to Sombrero Reef. We spent the day snorkeling and playing with friendly fish. Captain and first mate were an entertaining crew, clearly passionate about the oceans and their creatures.

Wakeboarding at Keys Cable

It was truly an unforgettable experience. Imagine being pulled along a lake by an overhead cable on a wakeboard. Although I have tried wakeboarding behind boats once or twice, you must always trust the person driving the boat so that it moves at a steady pace.

Keys Cable makes wakeboarding so easy because there is an expert to guide you with a remote. He knows the speed you should go and can teach you how to jump. It’s possible to take what you have learned here and transfer it to other water or snow sports back home. This is the ideal time to improve your practice. It’s worth considering if it’s a good workout. I was sore for more than a week!

Turtle Hospital

It was so wonderful to be able spend time at the Turtle Hospital in Marathon. It is heartwarming to find an organization that cares about these sea animals. We witnessed a turtle surgery, where they removed tumors. Also, we met many turtles in rehabilitation from boating accidents and water pollution. After the turtles are fully recovered, they release them back in the exact spot they were found.

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Where to Stay in Marathon Florida Keys

Tranquility Bay, a newly renovated resort, offers 16 luxury guestrooms and beach house rentals. The property boasts a swimming pool and a beach volleyball court. There is also a tiki bar, award-winning restaurant, and a tiki bar. My first night there, I was able to see the sunset from the beach. A playful dolphin was playing right next to the shore. It’s quite common here, I hear.

Hawks Cay Resort in Marathon is another excellent option. They have great reviews from customers, especially couples who are looking for quiet escapes.

The Best Things To Do In Islamorada

Islamorada is also known as the “Village of Islands”. It consists of Tea Table Keys, Lower Matecumbe Keys, Upper Matecumbe Keys, Windley Keys and Plantation Key.

Tiki Jet Jetpack Adventure

It was hilarious to try Jetpack for the very first time. Tiki Jet’s owner in Islamorada makes it so much fun and makes sure you are safe. It was supposed to be an easy sport but it proved difficult for me.

Jetpack is a great option for families and friends who are traveling together to The Keys. Jetpack will make you laugh and get your adrenaline pumping.

Islamorada: Where to Stay?

From the moment I entered Cheeca Lodge & Spa, I was amazed. The hotel is located on the most beautiful, long-lasting beach in The Keys. There are 17 different types of rooms, as well as a snorkeling lagoon and kayaks, and many restaurants on the property.

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I have never seen such a luxurious soaking tub as the one that I found on my large, private balcony. For happy couples who want a bit of peace and quiet, they also have adult-only bungalows.