Winter Party Games for Kids

Are you thinking of hosting a winter party with your kids? These festive and fun party games will warm them up. Grapevine is a concept by Mirago Media AB. Our goal is to design and develop products at a reasonable price that allow for detektivspiel enjoyable, and productive hours, in the current fast-paced and global world.

Snowman bowling

This is a great winter sport that can be played outdoors or inside. You can also play in snow by using a shovel to create a bowling lane. Place a white runner on the floor indoors. Next, trace 10 snowmen, penguins or reindeer on a piece poster board. Then color them, cut them out and tape them to 10 empty two-liter bottles. Place them at the far end of your lane as bowling pins. As the bowling snowball, use a white ball. To knock the pins over, stand at the opposite end of the lane. You can keep score the same way as in real bowling games.

Marshmallow Straw Race

Place the children around a table. Each player should have a cup or mug of coffee. Sprinkle mini marshmallows on the table. Each child should be given a straw. Set a timer. The straw must be used by children to scoop up marshmallows and then drop them into their cups. Count the marshmallows as you run out of time. The player who has the most marshmallows wins. After the game is finished, pour hot cocoa into the mugs and let the marshmallows cool.

Snow Shovel Relay Race

Set up two buckets on a single table to play the game. Use beach buckets with snowflake cutouts or buy winter-themed buckets at a dollar store, party shop or craft supplier. You can also fill another bucket with fake snow. Fake snow can be purchased at craft shops or made from cotton balls or confetti. Divide the children into two teams. Each team will be given a small shovel, the kind that you use to build sand castles. Relay racing is the best way to get the snow out of the big bucket and into the smaller buckets.

Storm the Igloo

You will need several shoe boxes wrapped in white paper to prepare for the game. These are the ice blocks. Divide the children into two groups and give each team an equal amount of boxes. To build an igloo-style wall, each team must stack its ice blocks. The players should gather around their igloo walls. Each team should be given a basket containing snowballs. Some ideas for snowballs are rolled pieces of white paper, plush snowballs, or white socks. Play a snow-themed song or set a timer. Teams can compete with each other to get as many snowballs as possible.

Some team members might choose to collect more snowballs or rebuild the ice blocks while the snowballs fly. No matter what strategy they choose, play ends once the song has ended or the timer rings. The team with the most standing ice blocks wins.

The Chimney is Snow

You can have the kids compete against one another or divide the group into two. Each player should be given a box with a hole in the top. The holes are the chimneys and the boxes serve as the players’ houses. Have children set a timer so that they can each throw white paper balls at each other and try to land their snowballs into the chimneys of their opponents. Once the timer is over, empty the boxes and count how many snowballs were dropped. The game is won by the player who gets the most snowballs into his chimney.

Mitten Hunt

You will need several pairs to play the mitten hunt. You will need at least one pair of mittens per person, plus a few more for fun. A pile of trinkets prizes is also necessary, at least one for each player. You will need to separate the pairs and place the individual mittens around the house before guests arrive. Send the children on a hunt for a matching pair when they arrive. The prize pile will be awarded to the first player who returns with a matching pair. The hunt continues until everyone is able to redeem a prize that includes a matching pair or mittens.

Snow Plow Races

Because players will be racing side-by-side, it is a game that requires some space. You will need to set up the game by marking a start line and finish line. Two snow shovels are required as well as two large snow boulders. For the snow boulders, stuff white pillowcases into a circle shape and seal them.

Two racers should stand at the finish line to start the game. Each one should be given a shovel. Each player must drop a snowball in front of the other. The snow boulder must be “plowed” by the children using a shovel. The winner is the first snow boulder to cross that finish line.

Snowsuit Relay

You will need two pairs each of snow pants, two jackets, two coats and two pairs mittens. You will need two sets of items. Each set should be piled at one end. Two teams should line up at the opposite end of play space. The snowsuits must be worn by the players. They must then return to their teams wearing the snowsuits and take them off. These players will need to put on the snowsuits and then run back to their teams. The relay continues until all the members of the one team have completed the snowsuit. The first team to finish wins.

Snowball Toss

This game is similar to the carnival game of beanbag-toss. However, it uses plush white snowballs in place of beanbags. On a large poster board, paint a winter creature, such as a penguin, snowman, or polar bear. Make a cut in the animal’s belly or mouth. Have the kids prop the poster board up and ask them to try to throw the snowballs through it.

Musical Snowflakes

This is the classic party game of musical chairs, but with a snowflake theme. Tape large snowflake cutouts on the chairs to play. Play a song about snow instead of listening to ordinary music. As players are eliminated one by one, continue to remove the chairs.