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Kawaii Monster Cafe, Tokyo

Tokyo’s Kawaii Monster Cafe is a popular theme restaurant where you can eat with robots, have mad hatter tea parties, and even be served by ninjas. On a recent trip, we enjoyed the Kawaii Monster Café’s psychedelic decor as well as the Kawaii theme. This is everything you need about the Kawaii Cafe.

Kawaii Monster Cafe

The Kawaii Cafe is located in Tokyo’s most colorful and quirky neighbourhood. It offers a Kawaii dining experience. Kawaii Monster Cafe offers a visual feast of bizarre food, eye-watering decor and fun drinks in a wild atmosphere. It is one of our favorite things to do in Tokyo.

How to purchase tickets for Kawaii Monster Cafe

Voyagin is the only place to purchase advance tickets. Walk-in tickets may be available if they are not sold. Voyagin is the official partner of Kawaii Monster Cafe tickets. They also have live availability. Their booking system allows you to book your ticket package (entrance only or food and drink, premium or themed), and receive your tickets via email. They were very reliable and easy to use.

Visit the Kawaii Monster Cafe

Monster Cafe is inspired by the Kawaii culture, which was popularized in Japan in 1960s. The Kawaii Monster Cafe is free of monsters, despite its name!

The Monster is actually Harajuku’s colourful and eccentric neighbourhood, and Tokyo’s city imagined as a monster that swallows all of the world’s culture and fashion to make its own superior version.

The Kawaii Monster Café

Kawaii Monster Café is all about the experience. From the moment you enter the cafe, it’s sensory overload. On entry, you will find loud music, an amazing giant cake-themed merry-go round and a kaleidoscope full of colours. Brightly dressed in Kawaii-themed attire, the staff will guide you to your table, the merry go-round, and the door.

Each section of the restaurant is divided into four Kawaii-themed sections, with each having its own theme and decor. These areas are:

  • Mushroom Disco
  • Milk Stand
  • Bar Experiment
  • Mei-Tea Room.

The Mushroom Disco was a bright area with huge mushrooms suspended overhead. We ate in a large booth. Hanging unicorns, rabbits, and sheep are all part of the Milk Stand. The tea room has a bar, a tea area with ice cream and macaroons lined the walls.

The booths are spacious and can easily accommodate 6-8 people. We loved the central location for the Mushroom Disco. We couldn’t wait to get out of our booth and watch the show.

Kawaii Monster Cafe Food and Drinks

Kawaii Monster Cafe offers a wide range of unusual dishes. The main course is a rainbow pasta, while the parfait and poison cake are the most bizarre desserts.

We chose the brightly colored poison cake with an ice cream dessert, accompanied by an experiment-themed cocktail and hot chocolate.

Kawaii Monster Cafe Entertainment

The Monster Cafe entertainment is dependent on when you visit the cafe in the morning or the evening.

Day trips

The kawaii-dressed hostesses did some tricks at the cake merry-go round during our day visit. The show was fun, short, and ideal for a one-day visit. Every 90 minutes, the show takes place.

Evening visits

Monster Cafe hosts themed nights. There are Orian and Pop Culture nights for the kids, and then there is the adult-only burlesque and drag nights.

Take Photos at the Kawaii Monkey Cafe

Photographing is permitted throughout the venue. You only need to ask the staff in technicolour to get some great photos. Safety concerns mean that selfie sticks are prohibited. Guests are requested to use their own seats.

Kawaii Monster Cafe for kids

Children can enjoy the Kawaii Monster Café during the day. Our almost 1-year-old son was captivated by the Monster Cafe’s bright colours and music. He even managed to take a restful nap despite the loud music and psychedelic colors.

All in all

The Kawaii monster Cafe is an amazing, vibrant and unique place! The food was good, the drinks were interesting and the setting was amazing.

We had so much fun, and the Kawaii Monkey Cafe was definitely on our long list of favorite things to do in Tokyo.

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