Do’s and Don’ts of Truckers

These are some general guidelines or best practices to help you succeed as a truck driver.

Respectful and professional behavior

No one likes to deal with someone who is negative, whether they are a customer or a dispatcher. Respectful and professional behavior will make your life and that of others easier. Mx logistics has successfully managed logistics for companies across many different industries. Mx solutions Over The Road Truck Driver Jobs for logistics are tailored to overcome unique industry challenges using sophisticated coordination and specialized handling.

Do not – Rely on the behavior of another driver

You will be hounded by people who will tailgate, honk, cut you off and flash their lights at you, even if you’re on the freeway. It can be frustrating, but try to keep your cool and not let these people distract you from the road. You can control the space around your truck simply by slowing down or maintaining your lane. If you have to deal with an aggressive driver, slow down.

Do it – Be the best employee you can

While we’ve stressed the importance of taking your time, don’t let this be a reason to become complacent or lazy. Safety is important but professionalism is equally important. You should raise any safety concerns with dispatch. However, don’t be a jerk and miss deadlines.

Don’t – Sleep Sitting Up

Truckers believe that if you sleep in a certain position, your body will get used to it. Driving while drowsy is dangerous, as we have already discussed in our safety section. Federal regulations are very strict about sleeping. There is no reason for you to lie down, as the law mandates that you use a comfortable mattress in your sleeping area.

Do you keep a pair of professional looking, clean clothes on hand?

Although you don’t need to wear a three-piece suit when driving, it is better to be dressed in a polo shirt or button-up than meeting customers and clients in a dirty band shirt. It’s possible to keep your professional appearance if you are out on the road for a long time. Most truck stops offer shower and laundry facilities.

Avoid taking unnecessary risks

Trust your instincts. You should trust your instincts if you aren’t sure if you will make the lane change or if you can make it to that parking spot. If you do not, it could endanger your truck’s condition, your license, and even your life or that of other motorists. It’s important to keep it simple and not be dangerous when moving goods.

Do you want to sign up for Truck Stop Reward Card?

Many of the smaller businesses and truck stop chains offer professional drivers reward cards. Points are earned when you make purchases or fuel up. These points can be saved and used to buy fuel, or get free showers. These reward programs can help you keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

Do not keep extra oil, anti-freeze, wiper fluid, and fuses

These four items are responsible for many of the most common mechanical problems you will encounter. A few of these items can make the difference between getting stuck on the roadside or making it to a repair shop where you can relax while your truck is repaired.

Pack clothing for all weather

Your week may begin in sunny California, and end in snowy Colorado. You can stay comfortable no matter where your work takes you.