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Facilities present in 16 seater minibus hire Manchester

Minibusses are available in different sizes that range from 6 seaters to 16 seaters. The companies provide these buses for the different occasion at an affordable range. The 16 seater minibus hire Manchester is available for wedding events, airport transport and visit the sights in the Manchester. The facilities included in the sixteen seater minibus are discussed below.

Seat system

It has 16 person capacity. The seat belts are available with each seat which protects the passenger in emergency situations. The windows are dark which control the privacy and the sunlight.


The minibus available from different transport companies is usually insured and they are checked routinely to check if any maintenance is required. The vehicles are non-smoking so  the minibus has the cool and healthy environment. The passengers enjoy while riding in the bus.

Luggage trailer

The luggage trailer is the best facility that the companies provide with the minibus. It is useful for loading the suitcases, bags, as well as the wheelchairs, are also accommodated in case if disable person is traveling in the bus.

The other facilities present in the bus includes

  • The stereo system
  • Air conditioner
  • 4 suitcase accommodation
  • Contain green Euro sticker which indicates about the healthy environment of the bus.

The companies provide the well-trained staff and the licensed driver who knows about the safety of the passenger are always punctual and always care for the need of the client. so the person who has to travel towards the airport or planning a picnic outside the Manchester can hire the superb service and can enjoy the ride on the 16 seater minibus hire Manchester.  The companies monitor their buses and the staff regularly to maintain the reputation of the company as well as provide the quality service to get the complete satisfaction of the client.

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