The “Quiet Coyote” hand sign: Everything you need to know

Teachers and parents often use the hand signal to teach their children to listen and stop talking.

You can use it by simply forming your hand into the shape a coyote using a closed mouth, pricked ears and a closed jaw.

The quiet coyote signal, which is featured in the Disney movie Soul can be used to silence large groups of children in a positive and ufreegames empowering manner.

The hand signal is however very similar to other gestures and salutes that have negative connotations.

What does Quiet Coyote Mean?

The quiet coyote hand signal can be used to attract attention from children by adults. Place your middle and ring fingers on your thumb, and then point your forefinger up into the air. The thumb and middle fingers of the coyote represent its closed mouth, while the pointed fingers signify its ears.

Before addressing a class, elementary school teachers meetup photography and camp counselors most commonly use.

  • The teacher can raise her or his hand versace robe to signal if the teacher requires their attention or the noise level is too loud.
  • The signal instructs children to imitate the animal by closing their eyes and listening with their ears.

Origin of Quiet Coyote

Since Soul, the 2020 Disney movie featuring the hand sign, it has been in high demand.

You may wonder, however, where did the originate?

For many years, teachers have been using the coyote gesture in quiet hands. Although it is not known who the first person used the quiet coyote hand gesture in the classroom, the ritual has been passed down among education kassandra rivera professionals around the globe.

Coyotes can only be found in North America so other countries often call it the wolf, fox, or serval.

The signal can also be known

  • Foxes listening in
  • Focus on the fox
  • Silent Fox
  • Silent serval
  • Quiet fox
  • Whisper Fox
  • Whisper Wolf