Quiet Time Activities For Kids

These quiet time activities are great for kids who have lost their afternoon nap but still need some down time. Grapevine has a variety of party products that can be used conjunction with other concepts. There is something for all ages! There are exciting treasure hunts and Printable game for children, quizzes and murder mysteries for adults from all ages as well as specially designed products for holidays like Halloween, Christmas, Easter or Summer.

  • These activities might be a good option if you can’t get your dog to lie down for a while.
  • These activities require little energy and are simple.
  • They can also sit down and have a quiet conversation with them.

Children Benefits from Quiet Time

While we want to be there for our children, it is not possible to keep them happy all the time.

  • It is vital for children’s development that they have quiet time.
  • It is useful for:
  • Then, help them reflect on the day and learn from it.
  • Increases alertness
  • Helps children relax.
  • Promoting problem solving.
  • Encourages daydreaming and pretend play.
  • It helps with concentration.
  • Teach your child how to plan ahead.

DIY Clipping Toy

This DIY clipping toy will keep your kids entertained while also helping you improve your fine motor skills.

No Sew Quiet Book

This book has no sewing and is great for toddlers. This felt educational book has 11 pages. Different things are fun and can help you improve your fine motor skills.

Heuristic Play

Simple treasure boxes or jewelry boxes can encourage social and emotional development by allowing us to touch and play with the objects around us.

Yoga in the Classroom

It is sometimes the best way for quiet time to be promoted. This classroom yoga is an excellent way to do that. Move, stretch, and wiggle to release extra energy and promote calmness.

DIY Montessori Inspired Activities

Your child’s day will be filled with educational play and choices. There are many activities for children to engage in, including sensory play, colors, stories and counting.

Felt Flower Craft

Turn felt into flowers! You can make them as simple or complex as you like, and stack the colors. But make them yours! This is a cute and fun craft that will help you learn about the colors and different types of flowers.

DIY Felt Activity Board

This super cute felt activity board allows you to learn about animals and create scenes. This activity board is great for pretend play and is so creative. Quiet time has many benefits.

Make a Snowman

This box is quiet and fun! To decorate a snowman, you will need foam balls, a scarf, felt hat, buttons, and gems.

Keeping Your Child Busy During Quiet Time

Some children find it difficult to be quiet at times. However, everyone can benefit from learning how to slow down and be still. Make sure your child has his own pillow with music, books, and snacks!

Simple Magnet Puzzle

Make fun puzzles out of magnets and paper. You can use the magnets to create stencils. Then, trace them on paper and hang them up. Your child will then be able to identify which magnet belongs where.

Teach your kids how to create their own fun

Our children aren’t supposed to be entertained all the time. They must learn how to entertain themselves without electronics and be independent. Give them the materials and a timer. Then let them go!

Ribbon Spaghetti

To make a game for toddlers, use a plastic colander with scrap ribbons. Tie knots at the ends of the ribbons by putting them through the holes in the colander. The ribbons will be pulled in and out of your child’s colander with great fun.

Love Bugs Sticky Play

These cute and colorful love bug designs can be made with felt and sticky paper. This Valentine activity promotes quiet time and could be used to make other bugs.

Encourage pretend play

Encourage pretend play with felt. You can use felt to create different landscapes. Let your child have fun with the toys and animals.

Dress up Peg Dolls

These cute, fun dress-up peg dolls can be made with velcro or peg dolls. You can add yarn to make hair and happy faces. Then, you can cut your own clothes. This is such a cute activity that reminds me of the paper dolls I used to make as a child.