Advice From “Travel Fashion Girl”

Alex Jimenez is the founder and editor of Travel Fashion Girl. This blog provides practical and stylish travel tips. She has also shared her top travel must-haves with Hayo Magazine. She says, “I am a crazy fun-loving girl who loves to travel and has an obsession for fashion.” According to my understanding, I am a Gemini which explains a lot. If you’re looking for the best packing tips and Alex, learn more!

What year did you first start to Travel Fashion Girl?

Once I had a great corporate job and never wanted to leave. I made a promise to myself that when my time at the company ended, I would travel belize three months before starting a new job. These three months will become seven years in January. Because it’s my way of living, I can’t quit traveling.

Which do you prefer: a carry-on or a checked-in bag?

Otherwise, I cannot travel books with a carry on bag. However, I do regularly check my carry-on bag. If I was moving for several months, the only reason I would take a bag other than a carry-on bag is if it was not necessary. However, I haven’t tried it yet.

What are you most likely to take with you when traveling?

My sleeping bag liner and my travel towel are the boring, but essential items that I always bring with me. My NARS multiple makeup stick (ITS THE BEST), flip-flop sandals and my amazing everything in one Samsung Note 3 are the fun items I travel with.

Your advice to someone who wishes to Travel Fashion Girl with a carry-on?

It is a good idea to do extensive research on your trip so that you can plan your outfit accordingly. It’s important to know whether you are traveling to a place in winter and the temperatures will be extreme or if it will be cold. How will it be? What activities are you planning to engage in? This information will help you organize your clothes. Only pack what you actually use and need. It’s important to have a mix of clothing for longer trips. Ten pieces of clothing can make up to three weeks worth of outfits.

What is your packing rule?

I don’t recommend packing a “just-in-case” item in my packing list. You don’t need to bring heels for a trip or a cocktail dress for a prince charming. You can find almost everything you need overseas, including clothes, shampoo, toothpaste, and even toothbrushes.

What is the best clothing for traveling?

It is important to choose clothing you enjoy wearing. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like it, or if you have never worn it before, it won’t make you happy on your trip. And it will take up space. It is important to choose clothing that balances what you want and what you need. You will love what you pack! Alex, thank you for sharing your travel insurance tips. Do you have any other packing tips, dear reader?

A Travel Fashion Girl Blogger Discovers Great Success with Small Packing Tips

Alex Jimenez was a heavy traveler when she started her journey in 2008. She had to reduce the amount of luggage she brought with her as she traveled more. She couldn’t find any advice on the internet. “I began researching, but I couldn’t find any. Alex: “I did all the planning and got to my destination. But I still failed.”

She got better at packing light over time. “I felt that I had to spread the word. I need to teach people how to pack and plan properly. She says that bringing the wrong stuff can not only be inconvenient but also put a damper onto your trip.” Her content tilt was revealed.

Her blog idea was born during a Thailand work exchange. She learned how to write SEO articles. With the keyword research knowledge she had gained from writing content for others, and her content tilt, she created and launched Travel Fashion Girl.

She has traveled with just a backpack or carry-on bag since 2012, and she has taught millions of women how to do it. She has received over 1M visitors per month and earned more than seven-figures.

  • Revenue evolution

She didn’t start with this kind of income. Soon after she began, she sold her first sponsored article. It was a scammy SEO backlink that someone paid me for. It was probably $100 to $150,” she recalls.

Slowly, she began to move away from sponsored posts and towards more stable income through affiliate sales. Fast a decade later, she is a content entrepreneur. Her affiliate income has earned over seven figures. A steady income and a blog with all the answers about how to travel pretending light, it’s almost a decade.

  • Niche down to get your content tilt

Alex’s success is due to her niche: how to travel with only a carry-on bag, no matter how long the trip (her content tilt). She says, “I want to offer something that isn’t available out there.”

This advice is best summed up by Travel Fashion Girl. Her target audience is narrowly defined, and each of her over 2K pages provides specific recommendations. What to wear in Morocco? What are the best sandals for travel? What can you do to pack light for scuba divers? Alex has the answer.