Why Schlitz used “Vintage Boxing” Events as a Brand Building Strategy

American beer brand Schlitz hosted last month in Los Angeles a vintage-inspired evening of Vintage boxing. The event was filled with retro eye candy and a 1920s-inspired aesthetic that made it feel like you were stepping back into the past or onto a film set.

About 400 media and clients attended the event, as well consumers who entered an online contest. The goal was to raise awareness of the brand in the target market for growth and promote the Chicago concept that was launched in July. The moody event was produced by Bagavagabonds.

Why would a brand with a long history versace robe jackie jean photography launch a theme based on the ’20s? The organizers believe that the strong style of the era lends a coolness consistent with the brand’s messaging. It was also an historic time for both the brand and Los Angeles.

The evening started with a cocktail party, seven-piece orchestra, cigar rolling and stamping Vintage boxing cards. There was also dancing and oysters. There were four sanctioned bouts, lightweight, welterweight and middleweight. Amateurs competed for bragging rights as well as trophies. The matches were enhanced by entertainment and announcers that were specific to the period. These included the L.A. Follies dance troupe, a classic jazz ensemble orchestra, a barbershop quartet, and a quintet of musical acts. Pro boxer Sugar Mosley presented the trophy for heavyweight at the event.

He said that the “elevating American cultureā€ mission of the brand was also possible with the Vintage boxing focus. He said that the brand was showcasing the professionalism of Vintage boxing and bringing attention to its past. Mecca Cox, a freelance stylist, handled the styling and costuming of the costumes and ensured that everyone, from the Vintage boxing referees and trainers, to the performers and security personnel, matched the theme.

The Schlitz Bouts featured four sanctioned bouts: lightweight, welterweight and middleweight. The Schlitz Bouts were designed by the Brooklyn Circus, an American men’swear label. They also released a commemorative apparel line, the Brown Bottle Vintage Boxing Club Collection.

Original Vintage boxing cards from the original period. These cards are similar to more popular baseball cards and feature images of the fighters. Each card was stamped with a postcard format by a vintage letterpress on site. The cards could be written by guests to their friends and then mailed by organizers.