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Featured: “Jackie Jean Photography”

Jackie Jean Photography is of Jean Photography. Because her photos are so magical, we think she is a wizard. Her work is full of raw emotion and that’s why we love it so much.

Jackie said, “Hello there!” Jackie Jean is my name. I’m a mother to five (yes, five!) amazing boys. I’m a natural light, family portrait and children photographer. I enjoy coffee shops, people-to-people conversations, music, and the outdoors. I also love teaching others how to pursue their passions.

Jackie Jean Photography Interview

What was the first time you realized you wanted to become a jackie jean photography?

Although I’ve always enjoyed taking photos, the turning point for me was high school. It was my photography teacher versace robe who inspired me and made me fall in love with photography. It was then that I knew what I wanted to do for my living.

How and when did you first get started in photography?

23 years old, I was fired by the company I worked for. My husband, who is my greatest supporter, bought everything I needed to start a baby boys photography business for me and encouraged me.

  1. What would you describe as your style?
  2. What’s inside your gear bag?
  3. At the moment? Nikon D800, 85mm, 17-55mm mm 2.8 and wipes (because I am a mom always)?
  4. What is the one lens that you cannot live without?
  5. 85mm/1.8 It’s easy to use, lightweight and complements portrait lenses?
  6. How did you know the right time to charge?
  7. When I began, I “jumped” into the business?
  8. What did you charge for your first session? How much do you charge now for the same session?

Oh my! I was so poor and didn’t know how to price. Sessions cost about $50, and prints start at $5. Digital photographs weren’t available at that time. Sessions are now $250, and prints start at $30/35.

  1. What was your strategy for marketing yourself when you first started?
  2. My husband was my marketing man. I was very shy back then.
  3. Are you a self-taught photographer or did you attend school?

I’m self-taught. I have read many books and taken many pictures. The majority of my knowledge has come from trial and error.

What were the most difficult things you had to overcome in your company?

My shyness. Over the years I have been able to overcome my shyness and now I am more outgoing. I love meeting new people. Another important factor was confidence.

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